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Will Race to the Top affect my school?  


Teachers are talking: "Help! With class sizes so big, my number one issue is behavior management

Just released guidance on teacher evaluation in Massachusetts





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The Race to the Top initiative will change the way teachers will be evaluated in the future. Student achievement and test scores will be factors in teacher evaluation


Read about new teacher accountability issues here. ~  More here  ~  Curriculum Redesign and You


Teacher Evaluation (collect your own classroom accountability data) - Teacher evaluation rubric (thorough) - study it and benefit. 


Stay tuned to the changing role of the teacher in Massachusetts.


Using student data to support instructional design.


Turnaround Schools, achieve success in your school.


Classroom evaluations or walkthroughs (how to survive the Principal visit - get to know the evaluation instrument used in your district - are you on the committee?)


COS-R Classroom Observation Scale Revised

Every child has a learning spot. The learning spot is formed, like a pearl, around a foundation of success. Finding the learning spot in each child is an art, but also a skill that can be developed over time. 

Finding the Learning Spot




Frequently asked questions:

Where can I find my students' MCAS data?
I'm struggling with basic classroom management issues. Help!
Where can I find out what student MCAS scores were from last spring's tests? School district results can be found here.
Where can I find 8th Grade Science practice test questions? We have some for you here.

DESE Teacher's site with answers to questions about certification, etc.

Learn new behavior intervention skills


Interactive Writing Prompt Rubric: use online or print it out for student notebooks.



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